Your ecosystem determines your health

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Environmental Health
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What is my ecosystem?

Your "ecosystem" is everything around you, from the place where you live, work and play, to the food you eat, the air you breath and the products you buy.

Why does it matter?

Medical research is beginning to show that your ecosystem or envirome might have a greater impact on your health than your genome. Increasingly most humans live in cities where we are exposed to materials and environments that our bodies have not evolved to deal with physically or psychologically. It is estimated at least 25% of diseases are caused by environmental exposure, wjich has an undue toll on dissadvantaged communities, and costs

How can we improve it?

Individuals can take action by removing toxic materials from their space, and buying healthy products.
Alot of the changes however need to happen at the neighborhood and city scale to be effective, adapting our buildings, infrastructure, materials and process. This will be one of the greatest financial, engineering and existential challenge to humanity, but it is possible and we are hear ot help!In addition to combating climate change on a global scale, we need to focus  attention, resources and policy to adapting our lifestyle and our cities to benefit health. We can begin by deploying more well known solutions right away, while we also work to discover and prove more complex health linkages through rigorous medical research. More.



We are a novel environmental
healthcare provider

We are demystifying the Environmental Determinants of Health (EDoH) and doing something about it!

We offer healthcare solutions that help individuals, communities, and health practitioners improve their environmental health.

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We diagnose environmental health impacts & develop interventions

We dissect environmental health indicators, and develop individual and community-scale bioengineering and intervention

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We work for environmental health justice

Environmental have fallen through the gaps of individual healthcare, worker safety & public health. Socially and economically and politically disadvantaged have the greatest environmental health disparities. Equitable, cross-sector solutions and new ways of addressing the problems are needed.

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We bridge the gap

There are gaps in knowledge and follow through and financing of environmental health. We provide resources where they are missing. We work with the worlds leading researchers to define the problems. We develop solutions and test the, We then work with stakeholders to create community-based cross-sector solutions. We help solve the complex web of funding, policy,  and implementation and follow through.

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We work in neighborhoods, in healthcare facilities and online

Delivering environmental health can not happen in the healthcare providers office, that is why it has been overlooked. We work with communities, care providers, companies and individuals to

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Diagnostic Solutions

Screening Tools

Before we can make interventions to personal or community environment, we must first document and understand the health of those communities. We have developed tools to screen individuals and cities for their of environmental health exposures.

How we do it

In the last decade, satellite imagery has become remarkably more affordable and ubiquitous, and available, but it is still not detailed enough to understand the complex heterogeneous conditions in urban environments to deliver actionable insights or develop measurable interventions. An additional leap is needed to tackle the emerging disciplinary issues of public health, infrastructure, and urban planning.

We us artificial intelligence to merge ground-based environmental sensing technologies in combination with satellite imagery to deliver high resolution health metrics (human health, infrastructure health, watershed health, and environmental health.

Streetview Health Analytics

People experience the world mostly from their own perspective. Our exposure to our environment is the same. Our Tools should be the same is.

We built this tool for our own internal use. We began with open source projects but needed additional features. This saves hours from doing it yourself.

We are in alpha testing and would appreciate your feedback.


Software Features

Ecosystem Health Design Tool

We are excited to have received funding from the National Science Foundation, Small Business Innovation Research program in February 2020.

We are developing machine learning software tools to  analyzes existing environments in your area of interest and provide potential intervention to improve environmental health .


Software Features

Therapeutic Solutions


We deliver human scale, home scale and hood scale environmental health interventions. Could include removing toxic environmental exposures from your ecosystem, or introducing beneficial exposures such as parks and greenspace. We then monitor and manage the interventions to assure they continue to provide health impacts to the community.

How we do it

We work with health care providers, indviduals and communities to adapt their homes, streets and cities to be more healthy. We work like a utility company provides water or power.